• A...Town of Montgomery
  • B...Montgomery County C.S.A.
  • C...First Secretary of State
  • D...Old Montgomery Community Well Site
  • E...The Railroad in Montgomery
  • F...Reuben Jonathan Palmer
  • G...William S. Taylor
  • H...John M. Wade
  • I...New Montgomery Cemetery
  • J...Old Montgomery Cemetery
  • K...Old Sneed Cotton Gin & Grist Mill
  • L...Home of Dr. Charles Stewart
  • M...The Old Community Center


  • N...Cedar Brake Park
  • O...Fernland Park
  • P...Memory Park

14272 Liberty. 936-597-4360 Built while Texas was still a Republic (1845), serving also as living quarters for Mr. Davis until 1851 when he married and built a log house next door.

14264 Liberty. Nathaniel Hart Davis built the original section in 1851of logs cut in 1831 and received in payment of a legal fee. The south wing was added in 1895 and contains wood-graining done by a German itinerant carver known as “Mr. Patch”.

14264 Liberty. Built in the 1880’s in Willis, used by Screven A. McCall while he was lawyer, District Attorney, County and District Judge in Montgomery County.

14343 Liberty. One of the first state banks in Texas, it was chartered Dec.11, 1906. The present building was completed in 1908. This bank served this cotton-farming area until voluntary liquidation in 1934 and remains the oldest existing commercial building in this once thriving trade center. Now home to PETZ.

14356 Liberty. Previously Smith’s “Drug Store”, and from 1936-1972, the U.S. Post Office. Now home to Nathalie’s Jeweler.

this building replaced original structure after fire in 1920. Used as Berkley Grocery and Weisinger Washateria, it is now home to Liberty Bell Antiques.
21012 Eva Street. School for black students in Dobbin until 1965, moved to Montgomery in 1995.

301 Pond St. The Baptist Church in Montgomery was organized Dec. 28, 1850 with 31 charter members. This building was completed in March 1902 and for the next 77 years, was used as the place of worship for the Baptists in Montgomery.

309 Pond St. Organized by Littleton Fowler Dec. 1838, original congregation administered by “Circuit Rider”. Present building completed 1908, and stands on site of first Protestant parsonage iin Texas (1842). Now home to Living Savior Lutheran Church.

770 Clepper Street. Built in 1845 by Dr. E.J. Arnold. It is of typical cottage construction with dentil trim, wide hall and wainscoting. Listed in National Register of Historic Places.

770 Clepper Street. A unique collection of historic log cabins and frontier homes.

(Corner Prairie & Caroline Streets). Originally part of Brantley Settlement 8 miles southeast of Montgomery on Old Montgomery Road (FM 2854). Now home to Julia Wall, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor.

104 Prairie Street. Built in 1892 for J.B. and Martha Davis Addison, Martha Gandy’s grandparents. Hearthstones are hand-cut, native sandstone with mantles and doors woodgrained by a German itinerant carver known only as “Mr. Patch,” who signed his work with his portrait.

N. Liberty St. Founded in 1865 when slaves were freed. The original building was rebuilt under the leadership of Rev. J.E. Starks with help from the community.
N. Liberty St. Oganized September, 1865 by Rev. C.L. McPherson Sr. Services were held in a brush arbor until a church was built in 1897. Services were held there for over eighty years. A new church was erected in September, 1979.
Martin Luther King (Bethel Rd.).Was organized in 1897 in the Dupree School building near the present church site. The original building was erected in 1898. This building was replaced in 1982 by current church building.
FM 1097 near N. Liberty. Founded circa 1865, approximately ten acres were set aside for the African American community for burials after the Civil War.
CB Stewart Drive at Clepper. Erected in 1950, was part of the city’s earliest water system until 1970, when a well was drilled on Pond Street.
504 Caroline. Built in 1850’s for Dr. Bell, brother of Judge Bell, owner of Bell’s Grove. Its walls are hand-hewn and joined with square nails and rests on long cypress logs.

602 Caroline. Built in 1908 by W.C. Whitehead, who came to the Montgomery area to develop a town nearby called Social Circle. This post-Victorian structure features a porch cupola and remains virtually unchanged in appearance.

902 Caroline. The first Baptist Parsonage in Montgomery was built next to the Baptist Church on Pond Street in 1909.
315 Caroline. Built circa 1890, it became the home of Vol and Florence Burden Rabon. In 1937, Rabon heirs sold to the Horace Fullen family. Now home to Garrett House Antiques.

708 Caroline. A Texas Greek Revival Structure, it was built by John E. Shelton and sold to Judge Henry R. Bell in 1855. The name Bell’s Grove came from the once wooded adjoining area; the scene of political rallies and conventions.

811 Caroline. Site purchased by John E. Shelton in 1855. He built main portion of house in 1858 for Capt. Thomas W. Smith, whose family owned it until 1924.

816 Caroline. Built circa 1900 for William B. and Anna Griffith Gay, with a two-story sleeping porch added in the 1920’s.

705 College. Built in the 1860’s. The first Protestant parsonage in Texas (1842) was destroyed and in 1886, the church bought this home to use as their second parsonage. The west wing, a pre-Civil War house was moved from Willis and added in 1977.

708 College. Built in 1895 by Ilai C. and Ida Morris Davis, of native pine lumber from Davis’ mill.

709 College. Was home of first fulltime pastor of Montgomery Baptist Church, Rev. Thomas Chilton, until his death in 1854. The picket fence was built in 1890’s by David Dean, from heart pine cut at his mill.

801 College. Home of Anna Davis Weisinger family, was built for the P.J. Willis family by John E. Shelton in 1854, and purchased by Ilai C. Davis in 1868 complete with furnishings.

902 College. Built in 1856 by A.W. Morris. Morris was a former Montgomery County Sheriff (1856-1861) and Tax Assessor (1864-1866). The foundation under the original two rooms was made of hand-hewn beams with wooden pegs.
905 College. Built in early 1900’s as a one-room board and batten house in Richards, other rooms were added over the years.
907 College. (Circa 1907). Originally built on Liberty Street, it has housed a post office, café, and barbershop through the years.
415 Houston. A Victorian “gingerbread” cottage built in 1893 for Dr. Henry and Cherrie Dean Waters, it remained the home of their daughter, Lockett (Mrs.W.B.) Wood until the 1970’s.
623 Old Plantersville Rd. Built in late 1880’s for the Richard Hardesty family, it was used as a boarding house for the employees who worked in their sawmill and timber industry.

202 Prairie Street. Built in 1876 for Nat Hart Davis by craftsman John Bishop from plans drawn by Thomas Godden. Now home to The Oaks of Montgomery.

300 Prairie Street. Built in 1854 for Richard S. Willis, it was named for his home back East. It has been occupied by leading citizens of Montgomery, including the Phil H. Berkley family and Dr. John L. Irion. It was the birthplace of Gray I. Morris, grandson of Dr. Irion who was one of the founders of the American Legion. Now home to Hodge Podge Lodge.

303 Mason. Built in 1887 by William Baker Wood and wife, Amelia Davis Wood. A typical modified Victorian mansion, it is built with square nails and remains relatively unchanged except for attaching the kitchen wing. The Wood’s maiden daughter Valda inherited the home and lived there until her death in 1999 at the age of 102.

411 Pond. Built in 1890 adjacent to Santa Fe depot by Solon and Susie Gary Campbell. Because of its location near the depot, corpses shipped to Montgomery were often put in the hallway while awaiting burial.